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Awards – Credentials

HÖRPOL started in 2010 with the first part (1933-1945) in German (in English from 2012), and has been updated several times to date. The second part (1949-1989) started in October 2023, initially in a German-language version.


“Anyone who listens to HÖRPOL cannot avoid having shared conversations,” says Lala Süsskind, former chairwoman of the Jewish Community in Berlin, describing HÖRPOL’s intention in a few words.

For former Federal President Joachim Gauck, HÖRPOL can “make an independent contribution to ensuring that knowledge of the crimes of National Socialism remains part of living memory and is a warning for those alive today.”

Rabbi Prof. Dr. Andreas Nachama says: „HÖRPOL is really exemplary because it takes you to the places where things happened or are still happening and makes it very associative, in radio plays with contemporary witnesses, with current music recordings“.

Several state education servers, the Federal Agency for Civic Education, the GEW, reisen-aus-der-geschichte.de and numerous articles on the Internet recommend HÖRPOL for private use with the whole family, for school trips to Berlin and for use in school lessons.


In its first year, HÖRPOL received the “German Educational Media Prize 2010”: “The jury is impressed by the didactic design of “learning on site”: history comes to life and has a current reference because it is brought to life at the original locations. Particularly noteworthy is the factual form of thematic development. This is supported by a well-thought-out educational offering. (…) The express goal is to build bridges into history using familiar topics and media and to give young people suggestions to become sensitive to right-wing radicalism, prejudice and anti-Semitism in their own everyday lives.“ (more: https://www.digita.de/2010/schul3.htm)

In 2012, HÖRPOL was nominated for the Federal Government’s BKM Prize 2012.