HÖRPOL | Audioführung Berlin

HÖRPOL is an audio guide through Berlin Mitte for young people from the age of fourteen. A tour past fashion shops and music clubs, cafés and lawns for sunbathing, along the banks of the Spree. Sometimes temper tantrum, sometimes declaration of love. With rock music and hip-hop. With radio plays and reports. About yesterday and tomorrow.

HÖRPOL tells you many a story in 27 different locations, gives away secrets, reveals madness and lies, hate, desperation and hope, relates Jewish history, tells of courage and respect, of freedom and love.

Contemporary witnesses talk about their lives. Actors and presenters recite texts. Bands from Berlin provide their music.

HÖRPOL is in Berlin Mitte. 27 locations are highlighted on a map. The locations are called: PARTY, COURAGE, TODAY!, KISS, CHRISTMAS!, HUH??, AMERICA ... You can download and print the map from the download section.

The best way to get to the locations is per U-Bahn (underground) or S-Bahn (urban railway). You'll find the train stations on the map. Just go there and stroll around, from location to location. Listen to the stories right where they happened: in the heart of Berlin.

There's no prescribed route: you can begin wherever you want. You decide which way to take. And you can stop whenever you've had enough.

HÖRPOL is free of charge. All you need is: a little time for your tour through Berlin. A little courage. An MP3 player or an MP3-capable mobile phone with earphones to listen to the MP3s of the audio stations. A city map with the locations of the audio stations.

Courage and time are your part. HÖRPOL will provide you with the city map and the MP3s. You'll find both in the download section. Just click on continue.

Print city map

Click on the map if you want to print it. A PDF file will open up which you can print out as usual.

Download MP3s

Once you've clicked on this slip, all of the 27 audio stations will download onto your computer. This may take a few minutes. To unpack them, you'll need WinZip. Afterwards, drag and drop the MP3s to your MP3 player or your mobile phone. The audio stations will then appear in alphabetical order on your display.