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HĂ–RPOL is a project realised by:
Hans Ferenz (responsible in the sense of the German „Pressegesetz“)
Concept, author, director, producer, organiser

Postfach 303448
10728 Berlin

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User instructions and rights

All MP3 files as well as all PDF material by HĂ–RPOL may be used without restrictions by private users and in schools, their reproduction and circulation is explicitly welcome. Adoption and application of the data for other purposes requires written approval. Any commercial application of HĂ–RPOL is generally excluded, no renting and no leasing.

For references to HÖRPOL and the design of internet links, free PDF files, photos and logos can be accessed at hörpol.de/press.

© Hans Ferenz, Berlin 2009-2012 – HĂ–RPOL is a registered trademark – all rights reserved.


Over 200 people were involved in HĂ–RPOL:
Contributors and Supporters, Sponsors and Media Partners

Contemporary witnesses, authors, speakers, musicians

are mentioned in the section Outline/Literature, with varying casts for the German and English language versions.

This is also where a short synopsis of every audio station and pictures documenting the studio production as well as a bibliography and references can be found.

The German version of HĂ–RPOL includes additional internet links for further information on anti-Semitism, racism and right-wing radicalism.

Translation for the English version

John C. Barry (translation of the audio stations)
Ekpenyong Ani (copy-editing of the audio stations, translation for the website)
Hans Ferenz (editor)

Teaching material for the German version

Cornelia Bartels-Ehestädt
Dr. Eva Goebel
Hans Ferenz

Web design

Marcel Wedemeyer: Further development of the website and programming

The original version of the HĂ–RPOL website (valid until June 17th, 2012) was developed in the context of a training programme of the academy cimdata – Medienakademie, class DP 6.1/academic year 2009. Design and programming of the website: Alexander Melchart, Marcel Wedemeyer, Benjamin Mossop. Design of the teaching material: Karl Kowalke, Jens Maikat. Logo design: Karl Kowalke


Jörg Faris, Hans Ferenz, Bernd van Meer, Stephan Rabold, Jim Rakete, Carmen Sauerbrei, Heidi Scherm, Margrit Schmidt, Nik Konietzny, Thomas Straub, u.a.

Audio production

Recording studio track-at-once, Berlin
Tonmeister: Uwe JanĂźenharms
Director: Hans Ferenz

Supporting association for the English version:

Verband fĂĽr sozial-kulturelle Arbeit e.V.
TucholskystraĂźe 11
10177 Berlin


Marcel Wedemeyer

Liability note

HĂ–RPOL assumes no liability for the content of external links. The responsibility for the content of the linked web pages lies solely with their operators.

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